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We had the privilege to work with Tracy for almost a year. My senior boy had torn both ACLs and could not walk or stand. He was unable to get surgery due to underlying heath conditions and Tracy came into our lives and helped improved my little man’s quality of life.

Tracy was always patient, listened to any and all concerns and did what was best for Snipes. She created customized sessions that helped him regain some of his strength and taught me massage techniques and exercises that I could do with him in between our weekly appointments. When we first started, Snipes could barely walk a few feet. With her help, he continued to break personal records - his best was over 100 feet! Although at times Snipes was not in the mood for physical therapy, I know that he always looked forward to spending time with Tracy. She brought him the best treats and gave him (and my other dog Canela) so much love!

Tracy is extremely knowledgeable and you can truly see just how much she cares about her clients with all the effort she puts into every visit. When you love your dogs as much as I do, it’s difficult to find someone you can trust with your fur babies. I only wish Snipes was still around to enjoy her company.

Thank you for all that you do, Tracy! There are no words to express how grateful I am to have had you our lives.

-                                         -Jessica L. for Snipes

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Tracy was absolutely amazing to work with, and I could tell that my dog, Koa, loved working with her, too! It's a bonus that she's a travelling PT so you don't have the added stress of moving your injured pet to get the care they need. She's also very knowledgeable and taught me how to support Koa as he was getting better.

                                                      --- Makana for Koa


Before we started physical therapy, Coda would cry out in pain every time he tried to stand up from laying down, or even when he would just roll over.  Since we started physical therapy, his pain episodes happen much less often.  He has also started getting back to normal activities.  Before, he would go into a room by himself and just lay there.  Now, he loves to go for walks, he has learned he can jump again, he pays with his toys and he plays with his brother.  This week, I have noticed that he is jumping up on the couch and looking out the window.  That is something he used to do all the time, but he hasn’t been able to for at least the last 2-3 years.  He is happier and wants to be involved in everything going on.

                                            --Melanie B. for Coda


I cannot emphasize enough how much Tracy has helped our dog, Bowser. Bowser had been struggling with mobility / shoulder issues for months. We had seen multiple vets and none of the diagnosis or treatments were helping. Within one hour, Tracy had accurately diagnosed Bowsers injury and created a treatment plan that we felt confident in. After just a few sessions with Tracy, we saw a noticeable improvement and could even begin taking Bowser on walks again. Tracy is patient, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about our dog's well-being. Thanks to Tracy's expertise, care, and guidance, Bowser now romps around without any issues, running, jumping, and diving into the ocean daily. We are so grateful for Tracy's help and highly recommend her services to any pet owner in need.

                                                  --Kelly C. for Bowser


When Titan, 4 years old American Bully, was paralyzed with his hind legs with IVDD, it was a difficult time for both of us. After his surgery, his legs were weak, and he struggled to maintain his balance. His walking style had changed, and he resembled a penguin because his hind legs couldn't bend properly. I was deeply worried about his ability to walk and feared he might injure his back due to his unusual gait.


Then, I sought Tracy's assistance, and I'm so glad I did. Every time she came to our apartment, Titan would get excited to see her, and he wholeheartedly engaged in all the exercises with her guidance. Her positive energy and the use of treats to encourage him during moments of fatigue and exhaustion made a significant difference.


She taught both Titan and me numerous exercises that we could practice at home. These exercises played a vital role in helping us overcome the challenging period together. The aqua exercises in the pool were particularly beneficial as they allowed Titan to move his hind legs smoothly and strengthened his muscles.


Nowadays, he thoroughly enjoys walking around the neighborhood again. While he still needs time for his muscles to strengthen and nerves to regenerate, her rehab sessions have undeniably helped Titan reach the point where he is now.


Seeing Titan embrace his life once more brings me immense joy, and I am truly grateful to Tracy for making it possible. Without her expertise and support, neither of us could have learned so much or come this far together. Her dedication to helping animals like Titan is evident, and I cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she's had on his life.

                                                        ---Eriko for Titan


--Melissa S for Buzz

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